Another hangover, this time courtesy of eggnog

Steven Zeitchik
Los Angeles Times
August 16, 2010

If a Las Vegas bachelor party provided a colorful backdrop for the high jinks in "The Hangover," we can only imagine how ably an office holiday party will serve the purpose.

That's the setting for a new comedy being written by "The Hangover" writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and directed by "Blades of Glory" filmmakers Will Speck and Josh Gordon.

The quartet, who are developing the untitled movie at DreamWorks, plan on looking at one such party that goes horribly awry. It wouldn't be the first time the holidays would be the subject of comedy fodder for Moore and Lucas, who wrote the screwball film "Four Christmases."

The pairing not only piles on the filmmaking talent but also provides a nice complement, with the writers excelling in a certain kind of outrageousness and the directors lately showing a flair for the subtle and heartfelt. Speck-Gordon, who direct this weekend's Jennifer Aniston-Jason Bateman parenting dramedy "The Switch," are already picking up heat as the movie generates strong buzz.

Along with "Switch" producers Mandate Pictures, Speck-Gordon are also developing a new movie with a distinctly Southern California feel -- a "Down & Out in Beverly Hills"-style culture-clash film about a Persian family and an American family that live next door to each other. Speck-Gordon are teaming with Nasim Pedrad, the Iranian American "Saturday Night Live" cast member, who will write the script.

The directors are also connected with Moore-Lucas in a number of ways. Bateman, who just starred in their film, will also star in the upcoming "The Change-Up," which Lucas and Moore penned. And they're united in the way Hollywood likes: box-office clout.

With $119 million in domestic box office, "Blades of Glory" is the fourth-highest-grossing sports comedy of all time, according to Box Office Mojo. And "The Hangover"? It's the most successful R-rated comedy of all time. Let the holiday-party outrageousness begin.