Sam Worthington attached to play a sci-fi Allan Quatermain

Borys Kit
The Hollywood Reporter
May 13, 2010

Sam Worthington is attached to star in “Quatermain,” DreamWorks’ sci-fi take on the literary hero, and he also will make his debut as a producer on the feature project.

Allan Quatermain was the hero of “King’s Solomon’s Mines,” a Victorian adventure novel by H. Rider Haggard, and its sequel, “Allan Quatermain.” In the first book, Quatermain leads an expedition into an unexplored region of Africa to find the brother of a friend as well as a fabled treasure of the lost mines.

DreamWorks’ version is set in a time in which humans have left Earth and sees Quatermain return to the planet from a sojourn in space, embarking on another “King Solomon’s Mines”-style adventure but on a planetwide scale. Mark Verheiden was the writer behind the first script when the project was revealed early last year.

Worthington is joining producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar on the project, which has no director and is in the development stages.

Worthington is coming off playing Perseus in “Clash of the Titans,” the remake that has grossed more than $454 million worldwide. His previous movie, “Avatar,” grossed more than $2.7 billion.

The CAA-repped actor is now shooting “The Fields,” a thriller being directed by Ami Canaan Mann, the daughter of filmmaker Michael Mann.